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G. P. Wild Press Release

London, March 30, 2021


Control your business.

As management, marketing and economic industry consultants G. P. Wild provide business advice and consultancy in a variety of specialist areas with the focus being on the cruise, ferry and maritime tourism industries. Current clients include a wide range of ports and destinations.


Bring focus to Marketing.

P. Wild is an authoritative source of cruise industry statistics and publishes a number of leading reports and industry reviews. Our comprehensive database and experienced research team are always available for your statistical and analytical needs.

Advice and strategic direction

Specialists in a variety of areas


Sectors covered include the cruise, ferry and ro-ro industries, multimodal and intermodal transportation, maritime tourism, travel and leisure, road haulage, warehousing, freight forwarding, materials handling as well as, ports, shipping, shipbuilding and international trade.

Areas Of Expertise

G. P. Wild specialises in marketing, maritime management, cruise management, business planning and strategic business development applying these skills to many different situations. Such work frequently assists with structural change or focuses on new concepts and innovative ideas often in a fast moving and dynamic environment.


Our clients come from many areas of the maritime and tourism industries and include ports, tourism authorities, governments, cruise operators and travel companies amongst others. Click below for a full list.

Cruise Fleet Database

We maintain a number of specialist relational databases covering the cruise, ferry, fast ferry, ro-ro, and luxury yacht markets. The database covering maritime tourism and leisure, for instance, comprises of over 1,000 vessels.

International Cruise Market Monitor

Our flagship publication

The Monitor includes exclusive cruise market data, industry statistics country specific reports and business reviews as well as a quarterly summary of all the latest cruise news and port and cruise company developments.

For less than £1.40 a day the Monitor keeps you informed with exclusive industry research reports and in depth market information. The annual subscription of just £495 represents outstanding value for money. For more information about our maritime, ferry and cruise management and consultancy services please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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