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Out now: International Cruise Market Monitor Q3 -14


Published September 2014: The latest edition - out now: includes detailed reports and statistics covering the following cruise & tourism markets:

  • North and South America
  • Norway and Iceland

The Monitor also includes a quarterly summary of all the latest cruise news, market updates and port and cruise company developments.

September 2014 -Now in its 16th year of publication the Cruise Industry Statistical Review is a fully comprehensive resource, offering a wealth of industry data essential to all those involved in the cruise industry. The publication contains over 230 pages of data and vital statistics on the cruise industry.


March 2014

Peter Wild of G.P.Wild (International)Ltd is frequently in demand as a keynote speaker at cruise events and conferences around the globe. He recently spoke at the Cruise Shipping Convention in Miami where he presented the findings of the study, undertaken jointly with our close associate BREA, of the economic impact of the cruise industry in the Baltic.


The Black Sea region has great cruise potential but must ensure its infrastructure will serve large cruise ships, as such the launching of new terminals in the region should contribute to the solution. However challenges remain and this conference brought together some of the cruise industries most experienced experts including Peter Wild to look at both the opportunities and solutions. 

The Black Sea – an emerging destination on the world cruise map– Expert’s Opinion - Presentation given by Peter Wild, G.P. Wild (International)Ltd

MAY 2012

In these difficult times being well informed is key to future success. GP Wild has therefore been busy compiling a number of reports to aid with planning and decision making. The newest report: Supply Developments in the Cruise Industry, details comprehensive data on cruise ships additions through to 2016. For those looking for a more detailed anlaysis on the industry our: Competing in a Changing World- Outlook to 2020 is the report to have, with over 200 pages of in depth analysis and data on the prospects for the industry. We publish regular regional reports too with Turkey and the Black Sea being the most recent focus.

Our comprehensive database and experienced research team are always available for your statistics and analysis needs so we encourage you to get in touch to see how we might be able to assist with helping you deal with the challenges ahead.

March 2012

Hot off the press our latest report on the future of the cruise industry - click here or email us of a list of contents and executive summary

February 2012

Due to increased interest among the news media and general public regarding the safety record of the cruise industry G. P. Wild (International) Ltd has published a detailed report entitled ‘Cruise Industry Casualty Report 2012’. The report includes data and analysis uniquely available on a global scale.  The company has been collating and analysing this information as part of its annual Cruise Industry Statistical Review for over 10 years and has now examined this in more detail to produce a comprehensive report covering all casualties by type, vessel and nature of the incident.  The report can be purchased for £100 ($165/€125) from where it is available for immediate download or in PDF or hard copy formats.

January 2012

The Cruise Industry has an Excellent Safety Record -UPDATED FIGURES FOR 2012 NOW Available

In the light of the Costa Concordia disaster, questions will no doubt be asked regarding the safety of the industry. As part of its ongoing research for its annual publication the Cruise Industry Statistical Review G.P.Wild(International)Ltd monitors cruise industry casualties. Our data shows that when compared to other forms of transport such as airlines the cruise industry has an excellent safety record. Detailed below are the top line figures from the last ten years however further information regarding ships and type of casualty can be found in the Cruise Industry Statistical Review or in our new detailed Cruise Industry Casualty Report -2012.

Cruise Ship Casualties:

Passenger and Crew Deaths and Serious Injuries 2002-11




Total oceanic cruise passengers (millions)













































Est. crew nos.*




Total, Pax + Crew








Per million




*Estimated number of crew carried on the basis of a ration of 1 crewmember to 2.2 passengers.

Source: G. P. Wild (International) Limited

For more information please see our new report Cruise Industry Casualty Report -2012 or the latest Cruise Industry Statistical Review which are available to order as a PDF or hard copy or to download immediately

October 2011

GP Wild puts Cruise Atlantic Europe on course for over 29% growth in cruise calls

G. P. Wild (International) Limited was appointed by Cruise Atlantic Europe (CAE) to undertake a consultancy project (which was co-financed by the EU Atlantic Area Trans-national Programme) to assist with promoting cruise tourism in the Atlantic Area.

The project (co-financed by the EU Atlantic Area Trans-national Programme) had the main objective of strengthening the position of the Atlantic area within the European cruise tourism market. The work helped to identify new tourism products that could assist the network of ports, cities and regions to economically improve the Atlantic culture and identity.

GP Wild ascertained that there was then no generally recognised Atlantic Europe cruising ground and so this work essentially created a new concept; establishing it as a viable cruising ground in its own right that could be further developed in the future to the benefit of the region as a whole.

The research pinpointed prospects for cruise tourism in the CAE region both from existing markets and new markets. The report also crucially identified a need to develop the shore excursion offer and it is this along with other findings and recommendations from the work by GP Wild which has already led to more than a 29% increase in cruise calls (over the 2009 figure as advised by participating ports) since their report was published. The growth in the number of calls is now more than double that of the market average for Northern Europe. Furthermore the recommendations in the report have identified a model which other ports could use to develop - particularly those in Europe where European funding is available.

As maritime consultants GP Wild (International) Ltd provides business advice and consultancy in a variety of specialist areas with the focus being on cruise port development. With so much competition between destinations getting the right advice on how to develop is vital and GP Wild has been crucial in helping many ports and destinations such as those in the Cruise Atlantic region to maximize their potential.

March 2011

G. P. Wild Study Helps Secure Consent for London Cruise Terminal

London will soon see cruise ships docking at its heart following Greenwich Council's unanimous vote to grant planning consent for a cruise terminal and associated development at Enderby Wharf in Greenwich and approval from the Mayor of London.

Fundamental to this success was the feasibility study undertaken by G. P. Wild who are working as part of the West Properties design and development team along with engineering consultancy Beckitt Rankine and Architects Ian Simpson.  Planning board members were enormously excited about the scheme, with the projects consultation exercise being highly praised. The Enderby Wharf project is located mid way between the O2 Arena and Greenwich Maritime World Heritage Site and was chosen out of 11 possible sites across the capital. G. P. Wild were selected as specialist advisors given their extensive experience and expertise in cruise and port and destination development.  The feasibility study included a detailed analysis of the demand for a purpose built international cruise terminal in London and this was instrumental in securing planning approval.

The Enderby Wharf regeneration scheme also provides a double mooring for the river bus service operated by Thames Clippers, together with a 251-room hotel and 770 new homes. Work is due to start towards the end of 2011.  It is hoped that the cruise facility will be available for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

February 2011

Are you cruising to growth?

The cruise industry brings economic riches everywhere it calls but not all ports and destinations are making the most of the opportunity.

Peter Wild of GP Wild (International) Ltd recently outlined the economic opportunities for ports and destinations in his lead speech at the Granada Cruise Forum.

Cruising continues to grow and there are many development opportunities across the globe for those ports and destinations which are able to manage the traffic growth and invest to develop in harmony with the industry.
As maritime consultants GP Wild (International) Ltd provides business advice and consultancy in a variety of specialist areas with the focus being on cruise port development. With so much competition between destinations getting the right advice on how to develop is vital and GP Wild has been crucial in helping many ports and destinations maximize their potential.

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